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Millers of Netley Wedding

Posted on by Jason

We visited a new wedding venue last weekend – Millers of Netley in Dorrington, Shropshire. We seem to be getting a few more Shropshire weddings of late and talking to some of the other vendors I’ve realised how many incredible … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

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Reflections of a Wrexham Wedding

Posted on by Jason

This image I took at a recent Wrexham wedding is a nice example of what you can create with a little ingenuity and creativity in surroundings which may not at first glance be optimal! This was taken in the car … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

Loggerheads Engagement Shoot

Posted on by Jason

I tried a couple of different things on a recent engagement shoot in Loggerheads Country Park. You need to try different things to stay fresh, experimentation can lead you to new things and engagement shoots are a good time to … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

2012 Week 9 – Ruthin Castle Flowers

Posted on by Jason

Canon 70-200 2.8L @ 70mm, ISO3200 f2.8 1/15s – it was rather dark! Good job this lens has IS 🙂

Wedding bouquet detail shot at Ruthin Castle

I love this shot! I saw the funnel shaped shadow coming through the door at the side of the bar … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

2012 Week 8 – Peckforton Castle Bridal Portrait

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Canon 35L @ f3.2, 1/100, ISO1600. 580EXII flash in a Lastolite 54cm softbox with grid, triggered by Radio Poppers manually.

Wedding portrait of bride in Wine Cellar at Peckforton Castle

This was the first proper live test of three new things together! A new lens (35L), Radio Poppers Px system … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

Grosvenor Pulford Winter Wedding

Posted on by Jason

Grosvenor Pulford Winter Wedding Portrait

Canon 70-200 2.8L @ f4 1/60s approx 130mm.

I appreciate my first three images are somewhat of a cheat – two from weddings and one I shot as a test. Not exactly shooting especially for the weekly image! I’ve no … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

New lens time!

Posted on by Jason

I just invested in another new lens – the amazing 100mm Canon L Macro. I’ve used it once in anger at a wedding and took a few shots in the garden to have a play when it arrived. The flower … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

Reception Dance Shots

Posted on by Jason

At a wedding we photographed in February at Craxton Wood Chester, I was asked if I could stay behind and capture some evening shots. As well as the usual first dance shots, I was keen to try to capture the … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

Eric Yerke, Iowa, USA

Posted on by Jason

It’s interesting trying to decide how to introduce a photographer whose work you admire. I could point out all the things in their work that attracts my eye, or how I perceive certain things about their work. But ultimately, when … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

Chatsworth House Wedding Photography

Posted on by Jason

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Gordon McGowan on a wedding photography course at Chatsworth House. He ran one day of a four day course and we spent time photographing a couple in the church and the … CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST