Picture Templates for Blogs

Posted on by Jason

When I started having to layout photographs for our main Wedding Photography Blog, I decided I wanted to try and maintain some sort of consistent picture boards. I started off by creating a few templates in Photoshop and working out what size I needed to crop pictures to in order to copy and paste them in to the template, which I then flattened and saved for the web.

That’s not bad, but can get a bit tiresome if I’m honest! So, I had a go at creating some actions to make life easier and this is what I came up with. They make my life easier and hopefully they will do the same for you, so feel free to download them and give them a shot. I’m going to do a few more, but for now these are the most useful layouts. You can use them for Facebook, Flickr, etc too.

I’ve added some prompts to guide you on your way, but once you get used to them you can easily edit the action to remove them which will make it even quicker. I’ve left the actions in a state where you can see exactly what they do and adapt them if you wish. Basically, they create a 1200 pixel wide template, allow you to pick images for each area, then pick a border colour and resize to whatever width you require. The action stops at that point to give you chance to check your layout, flatten and sharpen if required and save using your preferred method. No need to resize the photographs before importing.

Give it a try and see if you like them! Drop me a msg if you want any tips on editing them and I may add a second batch in the future with some other layouts.

You can view a selection of them below and download them from here. If you have any trouble downloading, right click the link and select ‘save link as’ or ‘save target as’ to save the ZIP file.

Once you have downloaded the file, unzip it to your desktop, go in to Photoshop and in the Actions palette on the right (Alt-F9 if you can’t see it) click the menu drop down in the top right and select Load Actions. Browse to the unzipped file and click Load to import it. You can delete it from your desktop once complete. I’ve given them names that make sense to me, so hopefully they do to you too!