Ruthin Castle Portraits

Posted on by Jason

We shoot a few weddings each year at Ruthin Castle and love it as it’s a fabulous venue. You can see some great Ruthin Castle Wedding Photographs on our main blog. The grounds are pretty large though, so unless a bride and groom are willing to give you some extra time to wander round and get some extra locations you often find that you stick to the area at the front or side of the castle and miss the gardens at the back.

So, while we had a little time before an engagement shoot we decided to have a poke about and take a few pictures of each other. I’ve a few ideas for shots I would like to try and so here’s a few I particularly liked.

Portrait photographyportrait with a prism effectdouble prism effect photographyRuthin Castle Portraits (4)Ruthin Castle Portraits (7)Ruthin Castle Portraits (9)Ruthin Castle Portraits (11)jason looking a bit startledRuthin Castle Portraits (14)Ruthin Castle Portraits (16)jason and mariejaSon and marie multiple exposure

Sorry the models (well me in particular) aren’t better looking!! 🙂