Reflections of a Wrexham Wedding

Posted on by Jason

This image I took at a recent Wrexham wedding is a nice example of what you can create with a little ingenuity and creativity in surroundings which may not at first glance be optimal! This was taken in the car park at Brymbo Cricket Club on a rain soaked day in April. There are good spots everywhere if you look hard enough. 🙂

I noticed the large puddles towards the back of the car park when I had a quick scout around on arrival. They were reflecting the sky which looked quite dramatic due to the recent rain and I decided to try to use the brightening sky to pick out the couple by framing them within the darker background of the tree. The mounds of snow and nice shape of the tree led me to an outline of an idea which the couple fortunately ran with (although I think there were wondering what on earth I was playing at…).

I set up my softbox to the left of the frame and metered just below ambient at max sync speed. That’s 1/200 on the Canon 5d Mk II and in this case f7.1 at ISO200 gave me 2/3rds of a stop below. f7.1 gave me a little room for error with focusing and some detail in the sky. I set the flash power manually, probably about 1/2 power although I never made a note and once happy balanced myself on the edge of the kerb holding the camera out as close to the puddle as I could.

Here’s how it looked from behind.

Behind the scenes wedding photography

I tried a couple of angles until I got what I wanted and wrapped it up. This is the final result with a slight crop and a lamppost removed in Photoshop.

Wrexham wedding photographer - Jason Lloyd

Yes I was wet and dirty afterwards, but it was worth it.

Jase 🙂