Millers of Netley Wedding

Posted on by Jason

We visited a new wedding venue last weekend – Millers of Netley in Dorrington, Shropshire. We seem to be getting a few more Shropshire weddings of late and talking to some of the other vendors I’ve realised how many incredible Shropshire wedding venues there are. Albright Hussey, Weston Park and Rowton Castle all look incredible (definitely get in touch if you are getting married in one of these) and we’ve already shot at Iscoyd Park (although I think strictly that is still in Wrexham) and Soulton Hall. We’ll certainly make more effort to get to some of these fine places.

This wedding started at Ludlow Castle before going on to Millers and this is a shot from early evening when the light was just beautiful. Definitely one of my favourites so far this year – processed with a variation on Porta film with an added dose of magic. 😉

Canon 5d MkII, 35L and a little off camera flash to make the couple pop.

Millers of Netley wedding venue; photograph by Jason Lloyd

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