Double Exposure Photography using multiflash strobing

Posted on by Jason

Here’s how to create a type of double exposure photography effect, using multiflash strobing. This looks great in reception photos where you kill off the ambient light and expose the scene with two or more bursts of flash, creating multiple image captures on the same frame. It’s a little hit and miss, but you can get some great shots. Here’s how you do it!

My instructions are for Canon, but this works equally well with Nikon – you just have to pick out the correct terminology when you translate… 😉 I usually set my flash gun using the menus on the back of the camera, although you can also do this from the flash gun itself. First off find a combination of ISO and aperture that lets you have a slow-ish shutter speed while killing off the majority of the ambient light. In a dark reception something like ISO100, f5.6 and a 0.5 second shutter should be a good start point.


1. Go to External Speedlight Control.
2. Set the flash mode to the MULTI setting.
3. Set frequency in Hz (flashes per second). In this case I went for 4Hz as I wanted 2 flashes in a 0.5 second exposure.
4. Set flash Count to 2 – hopefully you maths geniuses can work out why…
5. Then adjust flash power to suit – maybe 1/16th will do, depending how close to the action you want to get.

When you fire off a frame, you’ll get two bursts of flash 0.5 seconds apart and a result something like this.

Multiflash strobing technique

Here’s how it looks on the dancefloor.


What do you think? Give it a go and leave a comment to say how you get on or add a link!

Jase 🙂