Delamere Forest – Sam & Ian

Posted on by Jason

I met up with Sam and Ian at Delamere Forest for a quick shoot on Saturday evening, just in time for a torrential downpour which we had to sit out in the cafe. Unfortunately, we’d timed the shoot for the last hour before sunset and this combined with the earlier setting of the sun as we lost it behind Kelsall Hill gave us very limited time for anything! Delamere is quite a walk as well, so we only picked up 2 locations where we had any natural light and one location on the walk back. That turned in to an epic too, as none of us knew where we were going and we ended up trekking around in the dark for nearly an hour on the way back to the car park…

Oh well, we had fun and there are a few really nice pics to show for it 🙂 Thanks guys, really enjoyed this one!

The first shot was just after the storm as the sky was clearing to the left and the setting sun reflected off the clouds to the right creating this odd colour shift across the image. I’ve actually toned the orange down a little as it looked so unnatural!

The Mere at Delamere after a stormCouple portraitDelamere ForestBeautiful Autumn colours at Delamere ShootDelamere Forest portrait in the autumnDelamereShootDelamereShootCool portrait in the pitch black

Final shot of the night in complete darkness. We found this clearing as we headed back to the car park and it would have been ideal if we’d got there 40 minutes earlier. To get any colour from the sky I shot this at 1/3rd of a second and relied on the flash to freeze the couple – you can see the movement in the trees from hand holding at that low speed.