2012 Week 8 – Peckforton Castle Bridal Portrait

Posted on by Jason

Canon 35L @ f3.2, 1/100, ISO1600. 580EXII flash in a Lastolite 54cm softbox with grid, triggered by Radio Poppers manually.

Wedding portrait of bride in Wine Cellar at Peckforton Castle

This was the first proper live test of three new things together! A new lens (35L), Radio Poppers Px system and the Lastolite softbox with grid. I have of course used them all prior to the wedding, but this was a real world test with the pressure on. 🙂

The room was really dark – f1.4 @ 1/40, ISO3200 – for a normal exposure, so I underexposed the ambient about 4 stops and positioned the single light to around 45 degrees camera right and checked with a Sekonic meter. The main shot was a full length portrait with the sandstone column central and bride directly in front, but I also shot this to give her a little more placement in the surroundings by bringing in the bar in the background. If I did it again, I’d maybe move her a little more left of camera and pull back a little further to keep her wholly within the column, but I’m pretty pleased as it is!