2012 Week 3 – Fire up the Quattro!

Posted on by Jason

Canon 24-70 at 35mm 1/50s f5.6 ISO200

Two 580EXii’s on lightstands moved around various locations and heights either side of the car, always equal on each side. 1/8th power. Then a flash composite created from 9 or 10 images, masked a little due to strong reflections on the number plate but mainly each layer just had the blend mode set to lighten. Then a bit of tone mapping to create the HDR look and a touch of mist (as the wind was not blowing the right way for the smoke bombs to do their stuff….)

This car was actually Marie’s 30th birthday present, it’s a 2.0TDi 170bhp Quattro Sportback with a good helping of extras. Lots of fun to drive and does 50mpg – well recommended, especially at this time of year with 4wd and heated seats! 🙂