Hayden Again

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Two new things to test this week, plus I’ve made some changes to the website and upgraded to a new Slideshow routine to fix a Media upload bug and allow some minification of JS and CSS.

Sounds like double dutch? Don’t worry – just enjoy these images 🙂

Hayden in the Garden

Hayden at Coed Llandegla

There, that worked a treat. I’m a happy bunny – need to write some reviews now!


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Alyn Waters – Kids Portrait

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I bought an early Christmas present – the Canon 5d MkIII… It promises better focusing and better low light performance than the 5d MkII and I wanted to give it a quick blast to get a feel for the different layout of the menus and buttons. So, I took my usual little test model over to Alyn Waters (on the pretence of a play in the park!) and had a little play prior to taking Lisa and Tom for the real test the following day.

This is the result and having bought a few prints of Hayden laughing under the trees, I can safely say that although these are nice on screen you CANNOT beat seeing images blown up in print on professional quality papers (not that cheap crap that Asda uses). They look stunning. I might even be tempted to do some family shoots in the New Year if time allows.

Kids portrait photographyHayden at Alyn WatersPlaying in the park near WrexhamDouble exposure portrait using Canon 5d MkIIILaughing under the treesPortrait PhotographyNorth Wales Photographer - Jason LloydJason Lloyd Photography, weddings and portraits in North Wales

FOR SALE – Canon 5d MkII, 76k shutter count 😉

Call me – 07919 215261!!

Alyn Waters – Lisa & Tom

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Here’s a few images from Lisa and Tom’s shoot at Alyn Waters a couple of weeks back. I borrowed them for an hour to test our new Canon 5d MkIII – no point finding out it doesn’t work at a wedding! I think almost everything here was shot with the Canon 70-200L 2.8 (probably at 2.8!), bar a couple with the 16-35L just to mix things up a little. The 70-200 is responsible for the nice flare when shooting in to the sun or a flash directed back towards the camera. I do love the silhouettes in to the sun, have I mentioned I like silhouettes before… 🙂


That’s it, we lost the sun behind Hope mountain earlier than I thought but had enough time to prove everything was in working order before Kim and Phil’s Liverpool Wedding.

Delamere Forest – Sam & Ian

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I met up with Sam and Ian at Delamere Forest for a quick shoot on Saturday evening, just in time for a torrential downpour which we had to sit out in the cafe. Unfortunately, we’d timed the shoot for the last hour before sunset and this combined with the earlier setting of the sun as we lost it behind Kelsall Hill gave us very limited time for anything! Delamere is quite a walk as well, so we only picked up 2 locations where we had any natural light and one location on the walk back. That turned in to an epic too, as none of us knew where we were going and we ended up trekking around in the dark for nearly an hour on the way back to the car park…

Oh well, we had fun and there are a few really nice pics to show for it 🙂 Thanks guys, really enjoyed this one!

The first shot was just after the storm as the sky was clearing to the left and the setting sun reflected off the clouds to the right creating this odd colour shift across the image. I’ve actually toned the orange down a little as it looked so unnatural!

The Mere at Delamere after a stormCouple portraitDelamere ForestBeautiful Autumn colours at Delamere ShootDelamere Forest portrait in the autumnDelamereShootDelamereShootCool portrait in the pitch black

Final shot of the night in complete darkness. We found this clearing as we headed back to the car park and it would have been ideal if we’d got there 40 minutes earlier. To get any colour from the sky I shot this at 1/3rd of a second and relied on the flash to freeze the couple – you can see the movement in the trees from hand holding at that low speed.


Evening light portraits

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I’ve been experimenting again… Using our youngest as a model I ventured out in to the jungle (garden) one sunny evening as the sun was dropping behind Hope Mountain. We’ve replaced the Sigma 50mm with the Canon 50L and I wanted to see how much better it is in a strongly backlit situation – about the only scenario where the Sigma was lacking a little.

Sure enough the contrast is waaay better and it holds the colours fantastically well.

I also wanted to shoot a little darker and use that contrast to create a moodier portrait in the golden light – it worked pretty well!


Jase 🙂

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Panoramas of Rome

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I’ve got round to editing the two panorama photographs I did in Rome!  Quite pleased with them as tbh I didn’t give them much thought or effort and just had to take the opportunity while I was there – no waiting for nice light or getting up early for these…  They’ve come out okay though 🙂

This first image is a 6 shot panorama with the Sigma 50mm from Villa Borghese looking down over Piazza del Popolo.  The two spires to the left are the symmetrical churches of Santa Maria di Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the one in the background is the one on top of the Vatican.

Panorama image from Villa Borghese looking down over Piazza del Popolo

This one should be obvious and is the Piazza San Pietro (Saint Peters Square) and the Basilica di San Pietro at the Vatican City. It’s 7 or 8 shots (can’t remember off the top of my head!), but to do this place justice you need to see it for yourself.

Panorama image at Saint Peters Square

That’s it! Jase

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Rome – City Photo’s

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We had a weekend off at the beginning of June and it was my 40th in May, so we had a long weekend without the kids in Rome!  It was fab, but we must have walked 25 miles over 4 days…  It’s a bit too stunning and too much to take in to just hold a camera up to your face all day, but I did of course take a bunch of photographs (we even found an Italian wedding shoot or two going on around the Colisseum…).

Here are a few pictures, apologies for the series of ceiling shots towards the end, but if you’ve seen them for real you will understand how incredible they are!  Someone must have had a right crick in their neck painting them – I get fed up doing the lounge white.  😉

The Colisseum (as if you didn’t know)

Rome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome Pictures

The Museum of Modern Art, interesting to look around but in all honesty most of it is just weird shit that your kids could have done.  The old stuff at the start is more interesting, but the wonky bed, melted tyres and a shovel in a glass case are just stupid and a corridor full of pictures of lines – utter tosh.  My opinion of course 🙂Rome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome Pictures

Looking down from the Spanish steps – a nicer view than looking up!Rome Pictures

Obligatory tourist shot of the Trevi Fountain.Rome Pictures

Looking tired after all that walking – need a gelato!!
Rome Pictures

As you can tell from the Berghaus coats, it was a little damp (but boy was the cloud cover a life saver!).Rome PicturesRome Pictures

Over to the Vatican and in to the Basilica
Rome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome Pictures

Got there nice and early to get these shots as the sun hit the front of the building.  Could have been perfectly central if I’d waited 5 more minutes, but good enough!Rome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome Pictures

Castel Sant AngeloRome PicturesRome Pictures

One of the fountains at Piazza NavonaRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome Pictures

Entrance (well exit to be totally accurate) of the Vatican Museums – 7km of exhibits, take your hiking boots…  Don’t bother with a 2 hour guided tour, it took us about 5 hours to meander our way through and we skipped some parts.  There are only so many 2000 year old pots you need to see 🙂Rome Pictures

Someone’s bath tub…Rome PicturesRome Pictures

Warning – ceilings follow…Rome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome PicturesRome Pictures

Sistine ChapelRome PicturesRome Pictures

Yay – the exit!  Amazing place to be fair, well worth a visit.Rome PicturesRome Pictures

There’s a couple of panorama’s to follow, but that’s it for now!

Millers of Netley Wedding

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We visited a new wedding venue last weekend – Millers of Netley in Dorrington, Shropshire. We seem to be getting a few more Shropshire weddings of late and talking to some of the other vendors I’ve realised how many incredible Shropshire wedding venues there are. Albright Hussey, Weston Park and Rowton Castle all look incredible (definitely get in touch if you are getting married in one of these) and we’ve already shot at Iscoyd Park (although I think strictly that is still in Wrexham) and Soulton Hall. We’ll certainly make more effort to get to some of these fine places.

This wedding started at Ludlow Castle before going on to Millers and this is a shot from early evening when the light was just beautiful. Definitely one of my favourites so far this year – processed with a variation on Porta film with an added dose of magic. 😉

Canon 5d MkII, 35L and a little off camera flash to make the couple pop.

Millers of Netley wedding venue; photograph by Jason Lloyd

Check us out if we can help in your search for a Shropshire wedding photographer.

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Pembrey Country Park

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On Easter weekend we took a trip down to South Wales to visit Marie’s family and decided to have an afternoon in Pembrey Country Park. I’d suggest if you go you don’t bother with the 64 mile walk which starts there – especially with 2 kids…

It’s a fabulous old place between Carmarthenshire and the town of Llanelli consisting of 500 acres of parkland and old railway lines, World War II bunkers and pill boxes many of which are still accessible. There’s also a ski slope with a toboggan run, adventure play areas and mountain bike trails. Definitely worth spending a day down there if you get a chance and you can camp over too. Not for me though – I prefer a hotel!

I took a few pictures as always. All these with the Sigma 50mm which had been giving us a little issue and so I wanted to give it a good test. It’s focusing seems to be wandering a little and while it stayed perfect for most of the time we were there, it went off on one after a couple of hours, so it’s gone to Sigma for some TLC. Hopefully it will be back to it’s best on it’s return. Here’s the pics.

Kids portrait - negative spacePembrey Country ParkRhodfa Illtud Sant 64 mile walkPembrey Country ParkPembrey Country ParkPembrey Country ParkPembrey Country ParkSomeones not keen on going in to the tunnels at PembreyRailway tunnels at PembreyInside the tunnelsLooking out of the tunnels at PembreyPembrey Country ParkHayden doing a runner!Pembrey Country ParkPembrey Country ParkSpotted at Pembrey Country Park

That’s it! I liked the black and whites in the tunnels and Marie with trees as ears (yes I did do that on purpose).

Jase 🙂

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Reflections of a Wrexham Wedding

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This image I took at a recent Wrexham wedding is a nice example of what you can create with a little ingenuity and creativity in surroundings which may not at first glance be optimal! This was taken in the car park at Brymbo Cricket Club on a rain soaked day in April. There are good spots everywhere if you look hard enough. 🙂

I noticed the large puddles towards the back of the car park when I had a quick scout around on arrival. They were reflecting the sky which looked quite dramatic due to the recent rain and I decided to try to use the brightening sky to pick out the couple by framing them within the darker background of the tree. The mounds of snow and nice shape of the tree led me to an outline of an idea which the couple fortunately ran with (although I think there were wondering what on earth I was playing at…).

I set up my softbox to the left of the frame and metered just below ambient at max sync speed. That’s 1/200 on the Canon 5d Mk II and in this case f7.1 at ISO200 gave me 2/3rds of a stop below. f7.1 gave me a little room for error with focusing and some detail in the sky. I set the flash power manually, probably about 1/2 power although I never made a note and once happy balanced myself on the edge of the kerb holding the camera out as close to the puddle as I could.

Here’s how it looked from behind.

Behind the scenes wedding photography

I tried a couple of angles until I got what I wanted and wrapped it up. This is the final result with a slight crop and a lamppost removed in Photoshop.

Wrexham wedding photographer - Jason Lloyd

Yes I was wet and dirty afterwards, but it was worth it.

Jase 🙂