About Me

This is me

I was tempted to start “Hi, I’m Jason Lloyd” but I’m thinking you will already have guessed that from the domain name.  If not “Hi, I’m Jason Lloyd – like it says in the domain name”.  I have a relaxed and friendly attitude and don’t take life too seriously on the outside, but on the inside I know what’s important and strive to give you images you’ll cherish.

I’m married to Marie and we have two girls, Kaya and Hayden.  Marie and I started shooting weddings together in 2009 and currently shoot 30-35 weddings each year. If you are interested in wedding photography, head on over to Marie’s Wedding Photography Site.

This is my site

I’m lucky to get to work with and interview some incredible photographers from around the world. If that interests you, you should check out my photographer interviews. I’d intended to add much more personal work to this site, but in all honesty with a busy day job and full wedding calendar since 2011 that went out of the window fairly quickly!

Take care, Jase 🙂